Enabling Machine Learning capabilities to all IoT nodes.

We remove the hassles out of machine learning by providing end to end solutions.

Machine Learning Made Easy

Our Raspberry PI AI Hat is now available for purchase!


XAM3500 is a small, secure and cost-effective module that supports many pre-trained Machine Learning models. At the heart of the module is a Dual Core 64bit RISC-V processor with FPU and dedicated CNN accelerator achieving 0.23TOPS under 300mW(module only). With the model embedded in the module, a simple API call through one of the many interfaces makes adding AI capabilities to the system an easy task. With the IoT market in mind, security is a priority when designing the XAM3500. Utilizing the Microchip ATECC608A allows us to secure the module when communicating with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


The XAPIZ3500 is based on our AI module XAM3500. To showcase our Machine learning accelerator module, we created a Raspberry PI Hat the size of a PI Zero. Coupled that with 3D Printing Technology, you can now build your own AI Camera.

There are several standard models that can be purchased with the module. These generic models are designed to cater to as many applications as possible. For special cases, XaLogic does provide custom model development or training with your dataset.

To deliver robust performance, we collect and label our own dataset to provide a good baseline for our models. We then use transfer learning to build on top of customer’s dataset.