XaLogic is founded in 2017 with the mission to bring Machine Learning to the edge. With the explosion of data collected through the proliferation of IoT devices, we can longer send all the data to the cloud to be stored and processed. Cloud processing requires constant high bandwidth connections and longer latency hinders real-time applications where decisions need to be made instantaneously. With the majority of the data not being useful, we need an efficient way to process and only store meaningful data for further analysis. Moving to the edge would also mitigate security and privacy issues as sensitive data such as biometric data is processed without sending to the cloud.

XaLogic understands the challenges to bring production-quality machine learning models to the edge devices and we solve that by delivering specialized hardware in the form of modules pre-loaded with production-grade models allowing our customers to focus on the main applications while we do all the hard work related to machine learning.

To provide an analogy, you don’t design antenna and write low-level drivers when you want to add wireless capabilities to your latest gadget, instead, you use a wireless module and focus on your final product. Similarly, if you need to add machine learning capability, we believe you should not need to develop models, train and deploy on specific hardware but simply use one of the many modules that we provide targeted for your application .